Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dr White's inability to answer a basic question

Dr James White had a challenging call from an honest Trinitarian Christian. Alfred, a self professed Christian, was asking rather an easy question about the Doctrine of the Incarnation. The question, despite its simplicity,  made the Church struggle for centuries against heretical Christians who tried to answer it.
Huge theological disputes arose, when the greatest Christian theologians tried to explain what it meant to say that Jesus was human and Divine at the same time, one of the most known controversy was that of  Apollinarius of Laodicea (310-390), a prominent opponent of Arianism, a follower and friend of Athanasius ( the Father of Orthodoxy). Apollinarius gave a simple and meaningful answer to the problem of the Incarnation; Jesus is a human body, but with Divine rational, in other words,Jesus' rational was the Logos.
Listen to the audio exchange:

Dr James White, unable to answer the question, had to resort to one of his debate tactic: Deflection: Instead of answering the point made by his fellow Christian, he attacked his presupposed Christian belief.
Alfred should have rephrased his question like this:  If Jesus has two distinct natures, and since Jesus had a human soul and a human body, where is his divine nature?

James White said that it's not a matter of location! If that is the case, why does Paul say IN Jesus, the full deity dwells in bodily form? "IN" surely indicates a location. If the passage should be interpreted literally , James White should be consistent, and show us where is the Divine nature IN Jesus.

Alfred seems to be an Honest Christian who decided to use his God given intellect, I pray that some day he would realize the foolishness of Christians beliefs, and come back again to the Abrahamic pure monotheism.

Another less learned Christian, but very famous and active among the Youtube community is a member who goes by the name Venomfangx. This fellow tried to explain the Divinity and humanity of Jesus by his own. Since he is not learned about Christian creeds, he fell into the same old Apollonarius heresy. When Muslims drew his attention that he was committing a heresy, he insisted that his view is correct.
Watch his explanation of Jesus' Divinity:

What Dr James White should have done with Alfred, is to be humble and honest, and say that the Hypostatic Union is a mystery. But Dr White is too arrogant to admit his limitation.
After all, the Chalcedonian creed did not define what is the Hypostatic Union, but rather declared what Christian should not say about it. The aim of the Council was not to explain the incarnation, but to stop the Theologians who tried to do so, and declare them Heretics. In other words, believe it and stop thinking about it.